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Chapter 27
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Creamy opened his eyes – but could see nothing. His heart missed a beat, as a dreadful thought flashed through his mind: how can I find Lennie if I can’t see!

Slowly, he got on all fours and rolled over. This time, as he opened his eyes, he laughed with relief: he could see little clouds floating across the sky and a reddish glow on the horizon where the sun was setting.

“Silly me,” he chided himself, “no wonder I couldn’t see anything, with my face stuck down in this long grass!”

But his relief was short-lived, for the light was going fast and soon it would be dark. And somewhere out there was Lennie, all alone in a strange land. “I must find him,” he whispered.

Cautiously, he sat up and looked round. All was still, with no car on the road as far as he could see. “Phew!” he muttered and got to his feet. “Thank goodness for that! They must have given up on me!” And then he chuckled. “What am I doing talking to myself!”

“I thought you were talking to me!”

Creamy jumped. Then he peered down into the grass: there were two long ears sticking up close to his feet, and large eyes looking up at him.

“Oh, goodness me!” he cried. “You gave me quite a fright, young rabbit! Though I have to say, I’m very glad to see you!”

“Likewise,” smiled the rabbit, “Not much going on in these parts. And the way you leapt out of that car! It was quite a sight!”

“Oh, you saw me, did you? Well, it’s a long story; but the long and the short of it is that I’ve lost my best friend.”

“I’m very sorry to hear that.”

“When I say lost him, I mean I think he’s somewhere in this long grass. He’s quite small, you see, and he might be hurt…”

“Oh, dear,” murmured the rabbit and put his paw on Creamy’s arm. “If there’s anything I can do…”

Creamy’s eyes swept over the meadow. “Thanks. Yes, I’d be glad of your help. Two of us searching would be better than one.”

“And twenty would be better than two!” exclaimed the rabbit; and drawing himself to his full height, he gave a long, low whistle.

The grass around trembled with dozens of ears popping up. Curious eyes fixed Creamy with their unblinking gaze.

“My family,” said the rabbit proudly. “I’m the leader of our set. My name is Bob. What’s yours?”


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