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Below are all the chapters that make up my first book, Castaway Creamy. You can therefore read the whole book online. You can also order printed copies of the book here either as a present for somebody else, or to add it to your collection of books you enjoy!b Remember to bookmark my site.

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Chapter 1 Creamy and Lennie are asleep aboard a ship when the foghorn sounds the alarm! Lennie has a hard time trying to get Creamy to wake up and leave the cabin.
Chapter 2 Lennie tricks Creamy into getting up, and finds a way of getting him out of the cabin.
Chapter 3 Lennie struggles to make his way to the emergency station in the ship’s lounge, with Creamy in tow.
Chapter 4 As Creamy and Lennie take stock of their injuries, Creamy makes matters worse for Lennie by trying to look after him with a little too much enthusiasm!
Chapter 5 Creamy makes himself comfortable on the sofa in the ship’s lounge. Lennie struggles to persuade him to leave it - all in vain, until the discovery of food comes to his aid.
Chapter 6 Creamy’s feast is interrupted by the ship’s steward landing on top of him; as Creamy makes his feelings about it known, a mystery newcomer lands in turn on top of the steward.
Chapter 7 The newcomer turns out to be none other than Satie, the Captain's cat. He has come to show off his new shoes to Creamy and Lennie, and demands their views on them, sure they will think them as beautiful as he does.
Chapter 8 Creamy gives his frank and full views on Satie's new shoes, and only an interruption created by passengers invading the ship's lounge and the resulting pandemonium avert the likely outcome of his unabashed criticism of Satie's fashion sense.
Chapter 9 While fighting over a life jacket with Creamy, Satie causes him to fall overboard. Efforts to get Creamy back on board the ship end in failure, as he refuses offers of help, having taken exception to being called a bear.
Chapter 10 After unsuccessful efforts to stop Creamy from swimming away from the ship, Lennie jumps overboard with a lifebelt, and manages to get them both safely into it. They fall asleep, floating in the sea.
Chapter 11 As dawn breaks, after a night spent asleep inside a life-belt floating in the sea, Creamy and Lennie are found by two fishermen and given a lift ashore.
Chapter 12 Lennie has high hopes of earning money when they step ashore. He and Creamy are given instructions by a fishwoman, and set about their new job of hanging out fishing nets to dry.
Chapter 13 Creamy tangles the nets up, and tears them as he tries to free himself. He and Lennie escape the wrath of the fishwoman by running away and hiding in a grove of trees behind the sand dunes.
Chapter 14 Creamy and Lennie, safely out of the wood where they had taken refuge from the pursuit by the fishwoman, manage to get a job on the roadworks.
Chapter 15 Having negotiated a good pay deal with the foreman, Lennie helps Creamy to get ready for work. Creamy, who loves gadgets, is thrilled at the prospect of work using one.
Chapter 16 Creamy's enthusiasm for using the drill is not matched by experience, as a result of which he winds up not only causing damage to a water pipe, but also putting his friend's life in jeopardy.
Chapter 17 With little money left after buying some ice-creams, Lennie's keen eye is caught by the sight of a shoe shine stand; as he watches the man go about his business, an idea comes to him.
Chapter 18 Lennie and Creamy set up their own shoe shine stand. However, Creamy is in trouble, having ruined a customer's trousers with shoe polish.
Chapter 19 Having disposed of their Bootlick Boutique as a result of a threat, Creamy and Lennie go into partnership as solicitors.
Chapter 20 Creamy's refusal to write a letter of complaint loses them their first client, and ends up in their receiving another threat.
Chapter 21 As Creamy upsets yet another client with his frank comments on his conduct, Lennie agrees they are not cut out to be solicitors and decides to close their office.
Chapter 22 Having earned quite a lot of money as solicitors, Lennie decides to invest it by trading stocks online in the hope of making the extra amount they need.
Chapter 23 Unfortunately, the online trading is not a success as Creamy presses the wrong button, having fallen asleep on the job, and they lose their investment!
Chapter 24 Lennie and Creamy find a job at a hairdresser's. For once, Creamy manages to secure their chance of holding onto it by finding a way to send a competitor away.
Chapter 25 Creamy's eagerness to help a new friend by going along with her wishes for a radical change of her hairstyle results in their job at a hairdresser's coming to a premature end.
Chapter 26 Their new job as guard dogs does not last long, as Creamy is abducted by gangsters in a passing car. Though Lennie manages to get into the car with him, it is not long before the two friends are forced to part company.
Chapter 27 Creamy can't find Lennie! But then a friendly rabbit helps him to look for his friend.
Chapter 28(Current Chapter): The two best friends reach Creamy's family home - for a big surprise!

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