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Chapter 28
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Bob was chatting away of this and that as they walked, trying to keep Creamy’s mind off his worries. Soon they came to a bridge which Creamy recognised. His eyes lit up for a moment, and his steps quickened. “Not far now,” he said.

But as soon as they got off the bridge, he stopped and his face fell.

“What’s the matter?” asked Bob. “Why are you stopping?”

“It’s just that I am afraid I might be too late for our reunion…”

“On the other hand, you might not be,” said Bob cheerfully, “so why don’t we just go and see. What’s the name of the place you’re supposed to meet in?”

“It’s called Huskies Great Hall. Next road on the right. Could you…could you go and see if there are any lights on?”

“OK,” said Bob and hopped round the corner.

For a moment, Creamy stood alone and waited. And suddenly there was a yell and Bob rushed back. “Lights? Any lights? There are thousands! Come and see!”

Creamy sprang forward. His mouth fell open at the sight before him: Huskies Great Hall was ablaze with lights. And there were hundreds of candles lining the path!

Creamy broke into a run and hurtled up the path. “Come along, Bob!” he yelled excitedly, as he ran.

“Hi, Creamy! What’s the rush?”

Creamy skidded to a halt. He knew that voice; he just couldn’t believe he was hearing it.

“Satie?” he stammered. “It can’t be!”

A bright light blazed from the shadows, blinding Creamy for a moment.

“But it is! It’s me! Just checking on my helicopter. It’s staying the night here. Feel free to admire it!”

The beam of light left Creamy and swung round to light up a helicopter, with Satie’s name and a crown emblazoned in gold on the side.

“Pretty, isn’t it? Just gave Lennie a lift in it. And Mimi. You remember Mimi? She said something about meeting you at a hairdresser’s. She and I live in Princess Isabella’s castle.”

Creamy recovered his speech. “Did you say you gave Lennie a lift? You mean you took him to hospital?”

“Hospital? No, I brought him here. I had taken Mimi up in the helicopter, and was doing some low flying to show her fields of dandelions when I spotted Lennie. I thought I would give him a ride. He said he was on the way to this place, so I offered to drop him off…”

But Creamy was not listening any more. He grabbed Bob’s paw and was speeding up the path towards the Hall.

“Lennie! Grandpa Oleg! Here I am!” he cried bursting through the door.

For a moment the Great Hall held its breath. Then, as Creamy sprinted towards the head of the long table, it erupted with cheering and clapping, and shouts of joyous welcome.

“At last!” shouted Grandpa Oleg, giving Creamy a big hug. “I’m happy to see you, Creamy. And very proud of you. We all are. Very proud! I was just telling Lennie how you came to be a member of our family when you were still a baby and how proud we were that we could claim you as one of us.”

“So happy to see you, old thing,” cried Lennie, as Creamy hugged him and shook his paws over and over again, and inspected the bandage on his leg. “I’m fine! Just a scratch. Don’t worry,” he added seeing Creamy’s anxious frown.

“Nice to see you again, Creamy!” smiled Mimi, rushing up to him. Beaming, Creamy shook paws with her, too, and then trotted over to sit by Lennie.

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