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Chapter 27

“Creamy. Nice name. And what’s your friend’s name?”

“His name’s Lennie.”

“Lennie. Excellent, excellent. Now, everyone, listen up! We’re going to look for Lennie, who must be somewhere in this meadow. Fan out! Fan out! Go!”

The rabbits vanished. Bob turned to Creamy and smiled. “Don’t you worry. We know these meadows like the back of our paws. We’ll soon find your friend. Come on, then. Let’s go!”

Creamy toddled along as fast as he could, but Bob outran him easily. What made it worse was that it was quite dark already and he kept tripping over and falling. He had just managed to get his foot out of yet another rabbit hole when there was a faint cry ahead:

“Here! Come over here!”

“Where? Where? Have you found him? Is he all right?”

Bob turned round as Creamy caught up with him. “No, sorry. We haven’t found him. But we’ve got some news. This is my aunt, Plana; she saw Lennie.”

“Here, have a nice cup of dandelion tea,” said Plana brightly, handing a cup to Creamy. “So Lennie is your friend?”

“Yes,” said Creamy softly, wondering what was coming next.

“You just missed him. He was taken by a helicopter a while ago.”

“What?” asked Creamy, imagining the worst.

“Yes, it was just when we were making him comfortable after putting a bandage round his poor leg that a helicopter landed. It blew us all away from this spot and when we came back, he was gone. So he must have been taken by the helicopter. To hospital I reckon.”

Creamy groaned.

“Here, dear, have another cup,” said kindly Plana.

But Creamy was already walking away. With bowed head, he plodded slowly in the direction of the road. Suddenly, he sank to the ground, his head in his paws.

Bob rushed up to him. “Mustn’t listen to what aunt Plana says; she doesn’t really know where he was taken.”

Creamy said nothing. He was just sitting there, rocking himself, and murmuring “Poor Lennie, poor Lennie. I must find him!”

“Of course you will. But maybe you’d better go home first and check if he’s not already there.”

“I don’t have a home,” murmured Creamy sadly. “We were on our way to a family reunion. Lennie is like a brother to me, you see and…”

“Family reunion! Brilliant, I’ll take you there. Maybe they can help you find Lennie. Come on! Up you get!”

Creamy brightened up a bit, and got to his feet.

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