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Chapter 4
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‘Calm down, Creamy, you're not dead,’ said Lennie, smiling a little. Then he flopped down on the floor and clutched his toe, which was beginning to throb painfully.

‘I'm not?! You sure?’

‘Obviously not! You would not be standing there moaning about it if you were. Mind you, I wouldn't be surprised if I were! See this?’

‘See what?’ asked Creamy rubbing his head gently, trying to find the spot where the steel door had given it a whack.

‘This, my toe!’

‘Oh, that!’ said Creamy peering at Lennie's toe and laughing unkindly. ‘That's nothing! You couldn't die of a little thing like that.’


‘On the other hand,’ went on Creamy, wincing as his paw touched a small bump on his head, ‘I've heard of dogs dying from a bump on the head. Here, feel this! Here, a bit more to the left… yes, yes, just there. It's all swollen, isn't it.’

‘Well, perhaps just a bit…’

‘There you are! And you sit there worrying about your toe! I'm the one you should be worrying about. I've got a swollen head - and it's all your fault!’ growled Creamy.

‘How come?’ asked Lennie, chuckling. ‘I'd say you've had a swollen head ever since I've known you.’

‘And,’ went on Creamy, ignoring his remark, ‘I bet my head is much worse than your toe. I bet you anything you like I could die of my swollen head.’

‘Not a chance, Creamy. It was only a little bang and nobody …’

‘Little?! You call a bang like that little!’ cried Creamy, tapping his head hard. ‘Why, that's by far the biggest bang I've ever had in my life!’

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