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Chapter 2
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The cabin door sprang open and a faint beam of light lit up the cabin. Lennie took a deep breath and bellowed:

‘Hi, there, Mr Bear, wake up! Can you hear me, Mr Bear?’

For a moment, nothing happened. Then a deep roar rose from the bed, followed by Creamy, blankets and all; in another instant, there was a sound of a large body crashing to the floor.

‘Creamy, you all right?’

The writhing heap on the floor growled. It was rolling towards Lennie fast. Suddenly, two small eyes gleamed in the faint light, squinting up at Lennie angrily.

‘Who are you calling Mr Bear! Mr Bear, am I? How many times do I have to tell you I am a dog? You know perfectly well I am a dog, and…….’

‘Never mind about all that now,’ interrupted Lennie rudely, and grabbing Creamy by the paw tried to pull him out of the door. ‘No time to hang about here! Let’s go!’

But Creamy was still fuming. He snatched his paw back and scowled. Then, mouth clamped tight, eyes pulled into tiny slits, he suddenly pushed Lennie out of the cabin and slammed the door shut. There was a sound of key turning in the lock and then silence.

Lennie gasped. For a moment, he stood speechless. Then he threw himself forward, banging on the door: ‘Are you mad, Creamy? Open that door at once! We must get out on deck, understand?!’

‘I understand nothing!’ Creamy shouted back. ‘I am only a stupid bear, not a clever dog like you!’

‘Oh, dear, I should not have said it,’ muttered Lennie. Creamy did after all truly believe that he was a dog, and now was not the moment to argue about it with him. So Lennie just banged on the door again, calling urgently, trying to soothe:

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