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Chapter 24
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‘I hope you enjoyed your meal, sir,’ smiled the Manager at Lennie.

‘We certainly did; it was an excellent lunch,’ Lennie smiled back, ‘my compliments to the chef.’

‘Thank you very much, sir, I'll pass them on.’ The Manager bowed and opened the door of the restaurant for Lennie and Creamy to pass through.

‘I have to say, Lennie, it was one of the best meals I ever had. We must come here often. And everyone was so polite…’

‘I know, I know,’ said Lennie, getting inside the revolving door behind Creamy, ‘but I'm afraid I had a special reason for bringing you here. I thought we might just as well enjoy a really nice lunch before starting to search for a new job.’

‘A job? You mean work?’

Lennie laughed. ‘A rose by any other name …’

‘A rose? I don't get you. What's a rose got to do with it?’

‘Never mind, Creamy. It's Shakespeare – no connection really, except that whether you call it a job or work, we've got to find it.’

Creamy sighed, but said nothing. Knowing it was his fault they were short of money again, he thought he'd better keep quiet for a while. He stole a look at Lennie, who was frowning, deep in thought.

‘No, it's no use,’ sighed Lennie. ‘I'm stuck. What do you say to a brainstorming session, Creamy?’

‘Brainstorming? Sounds dangerous to me.’

‘No, it's not what you think. It's just a way of solving a problem by thinking up many ideas, no matter how silly they might seem. In the end, a good idea pops up.

‘Not in my head, it doesn't. You know my ideas about work! Work is … sorry, forgot what I was going to say,’ muttered Creamy, suddenly remembering he had decided not to moan.

‘Well, we just have to try, so let's …’

‘Hehehe! I like it! Look, Lennie, look!’

They were just passing a hairdresser's, with a large black and white photo almost filling its window. ‘I like all that hair standing on end! Very neat. I never can get my hair as neat as that – all up in one direction.

‘Looks like he's had an electric shock,' laughed Lennie.

‘All the same, I like it,’ said Creamy and began to walk on.

But Lennie stayed put. He moved closer to the window and was peering at the notice inside. ‘I say, Creamy, come back!’ he suddenly shouted.

Creamy turned round. At the sight of Lennie's excited face, he rushed back quickly. ‘What is it? Is it some special offer or what?’

‘No, no, better than that. See what it says on that notice at the back of the window?

Creamy squinted and read: ‘Hair stylist wanted urgently. Top rate if willing to start immediately.’

‘There you go!’ exclaimed Lennie excitedly. ‘A chance for us. Come on, let's go in.’

‘Good morning, madam,’ said Lennie smiling as they entered the hairdresser's. ‘It's about the job you …’

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