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Chapter 23
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The Internet café was almost empty, so Lennie had no trouble booking a computer table. He pulled up an extra chair for Creamy, and they both sat down.

‘Here we go!’ cried Lennie and let his paws fly across the keyboard. The computer screen burst into colour.

‘Wow!’ cried Creamy! Can I try?’

‘Sure,’ said Lennie indulgently. ‘In fact, why don't you stay here and click away, and I'll move over to the next table.’

Creamy hardly heard him. He was already punching the keys and laughing as ever new pictures popped up. ‘I say, Lennie, this is fun! If that's work, I like it! I like it a lot!’

‘Good, good. Let's get on with it then. First thing to do is to find a broker. Hm… I wonder. Should we go for the biggest or the cheapest…’

‘Biggest of course. I always go for the biggest everything,’ said Creamy. ‘By the way, what's a broker?’

‘A broker helps you buy and sell stocks.’

‘Oh, great!’ cried Creamy and disappeared suddenly under the table. ‘Now where's that wretched mouse,’ he muttered, ‘Ah! Gotcha!’

There was a bit of puffing and huffing as Creamy, clutching the mouse in his paw, began crawling out backwards from under the table.

‘Mind your head!’ shouted Lennie ‘Keep it down!’

But his warning came too late. There was a dull thud, as Creamy's head struck the table. The table rose off the floor and tipped to one side.

Lennie leapt off his chair and threw himself across trying to catch the monitor. His paws closed round the base. Gasping, he hung on to it as the monitor wobbled back and forth before it came to rest.

‘How am I supposed to get out of here?’ came a wail from under the table.

‘Just keep crawling and don't try to stand up too soon.’

Creamy crawled. In another moment, he was up, a sheepish smile on his face.

Sorry, Lennie, I didn't mean to…’

‘No harm done. Now, why don't you come over here and help me choose a couple of stocks. Anything you fancy?’

‘A large pistachio ice cream,’ said Creamy promptly. ‘Make it two, please.’

‘Yes, very funny. You know what I meant.’

‘No, I don't. I'm fed up with this place. Could we leave now, before something else hits me on the head.’

‘Lennie grunted. He was looking intently at the computer screen, trying to work out what to buy. ‘What do you say to buying some gold?

‘Gold? Yes, I like it. Put me down for gold. In fact, put me down for a whole goldmine,’ said Creamy grandly.

Lennie burst out laughing. ‘Do you have any idea how much a goldmine costs?’

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