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Chapter 17
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‘I say, Lennie, is that eurodollar going to be enough for a big ice-cream or only a little one?’ asked Creamy anxiously.

Lennie chuckled and gave Creamy a pat on the back. ‘Don't worry, old thing, you can have a jumbo sized ice-cream and there will still be some money left.’

Creamy's face lit up and his steps quickened. They were walking along a street lined with shops and cafes, looking for an ice-cream shop.

‘Ah, here we are! Just the place for us I think,’ said Lennie stopping in front of a shop window.

‘Wow!’ cried Creamy rushing in right up to the glass counter and peering at the rows of long metal containers, his eyes searching for a label with his favourite flavour.

‘They've got it! They've got it! Look, Lennie, up in the second row there! It says pistachio!’

‘Well spotted, Creamy! And you're doubly in luck,’ smiled Lennie, whose eye had been caught by the words displayed on a large board at the back of the counter:


Creamy pricked up his ears. ‘Doubly in luck? How so?’

‘See that board up there? It says you can have an extra ice-cream for free!’

Creamy beamed all over his face. ‘Really! I love shops like that! Can we order the biggest tub?’

‘Consider it done!’ laughed Lennie. ‘Ah, thank you very much, sir – that was quick,’ he said to the ice-cream man, who had given him some change from the eurodollar and was pushing two tubs of ice-cream along the counter towards him.

‘Here you are, Creamy’ said Lennie and put a tub into each of Creamy's paws. ‘Enjoy!’

‘You not having one, Lennie?’ mumbled Creamy, burying his nose in the big tub. ‘You should have one. In fact, why don't you have one of mine. Here, take one.’

Lennie stared at Creamy in disbelief. Creamy offering to share his favourite ice-cream! Must be quite a wrench for him! And though he was not especially keen on ice-creams, Lennie stretched out his paw and took the little tub saying: ‘Well, that's really very nice of you, Creamy, thanks.’

‘The pleasure is all mine,’ said Creamy grandly and stuck his nose back into the tub.’

Lennie smiled and led the way to a small box outside a café. In another moment, they were sitting perched back to back on the box, noses deep in tubs, tongues busy scooping the ice-cream up.

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